Are You A Victim of the Doomsayers?

This is a nice video reflecting on how the modern day doomsayers are creating fear and panic in the markets.  You have probably heard Dr. Nourial Roubini call for a great depression in 2011.  Did that happen yet?  Dr. Doom is not by himself in discussing the end of the world as many doomsayers are sharing their phophet visions.  So how does the investor seize value and opportunities from these doomsayers?  In the political spectrun, you haev the hard left and the hard right both of which present an extreme model.  In the investing world, you now have the hard bull and the hard bear.  The doomsayers are the hard bears who see nothing but evil in the markets future.  Most likely, the economics of the market will always revert to the center following an extreme event like the crisis in 2008.