How to Capture a 50% Return During a Market Correction

Many investors have a belief that it is impossible to make income selling options during a market correction. I am here to show you how my subscribers have continued to sell PUT options during the recent market downturn. With the market down over 1,000 points? What are we crazy to take on this risk? Here is the trade we offer up as an example.

My subscribers entered a PUT option trade on WK (below) by selling22.5 PUT options with a February expiration. We entered the trade on January 19. In comparative terms, the SPY was around 280 at this time but fell to 255 in just three weeks. However, WK had increased to $23.50 or so at this time and finished the expiration over $25 per share.

This was a big win for PUT sellers as we captured a 4.2% return during a 10% market correction. This is a an annualized 50% return on a monthly income trade. And proof you can make money selling options in a down market. Our strategy is to identify stocks with upward price momentum that we can earn option income with an early exit point to compound returns.









Sell Put on Workiva (WK)

STRATEGY: Look at the February 2018 22.5 cash-secured put trade. For each 100 shares of WK stock you want to control, sell one February 22.5 put option for a $0.90 debit per option or better. That’s potentially a 4.2% return on the cash-secured put trade.

A “Symmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)” chart pattern formed on Workiva Inc (WK on NYSE). This bullish signal indicates that the price may rise from the close of 22.10 to the range of 24.20 – 24.80. The pattern formed over 46 days which is roughly the period of time in which the target price range may be achieved. Workiva Inc has a current support price of 21.45 and a resistance level of 22.10.


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We continue to identify winning option trades to generate income and to exit early as the stock bullish patterns moves prices higher.

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