How to Make 6% per month using Income Trades

At Get Rich Investments, we focus on creating monthly income. One strategy is to sell puts on select stocks we identify being in a break out stock price position. The concept is simple, stocks with momentum will move higher in the short-term time period. To make monthly income, we sell puts on these stocks to capitalize on the price movement. If it moves higher, the value of the puts will decline. Investors can then buy to close the puts to lock in gains.

Then, back to selling puts for more monthly income if the stock is still a great selection. This can be a great strategy for monthly income as momentum stocks we trade have recently had a price breakout from a previous trading range. It’s alright for a stock to move up within a nice trading range. This makes the amount of premium collected higher based on some volatility. But we do not want to risk our trading capital by taking big losses so we exit the position to take profits in many cases.

For example, we had two put trades that each produced 6% in the past month. Here are the details:

On September 29 we entered a PUT trade on Gaslog (GLOG) that expired with a 6% gain. For subscribers, we sold puts on Grubhub (GRUB) that expired with a 6% return in our November Monthly Income Plan.

GLOG: For medium risk option trade, look to sell an November 2017 17.5 PUT for about $1.00. This creates a return of 6.0% with 49 days to expiration. This is an annualized 45% return.

GRUB: Subscribers: Look at the November 2017 52.5 PUT trade. For each 100 shares of GRUB stock you want to control, sell one Oct 2017 52.5 PUT option for a $3.00 debit per option or better. That’s potentially a 6.0% return on the PUT trade.

Why would an investor sell put options instead of just buying the stock? You already know my response to this question – to create monthly income. These trade examples are proof that we can earn high returns on income trades.

We monitor the market looking for stocks poised for break outs to sell puts for income. We provide several trades in the monthly income newsletter and several additional trades as opportunities arise.

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