Investments That Can Provide Monthly Income

If you want to attain financial success and become debt free at the same time, you can plan t invest your money in any one of the different investment vehicles. As a result of the recession people have been suffering debt problems and income problems too. So, if you want to become debt free, you can try different investments.

Different investment vehicles

The different types of investment vehicles are:

  1. Real estate investment – If you want to generate monthly income, you can use your real estate property to do that. You can give out your property on rent or lease in order to generate a monthly income. This investment helps you to both build up wealth and pay off your debts. The other types of real estate investments are the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), investment groups, and trading.
  2. Stock investment – If you want to become debt free, you can invest you money in stocks. Stocks, known as shares, are small portions of a company which you are allowed to buy. This helps you to own a part of the company. There are mainly two stock types – preferred and common shares. The people who invest in preferred shares do have a higher standing than those who invest in common shares.
  3. Investment in Forex trading – Of late, Forex trading has gained popularity with most of the investors. This is mainly because it offers numerous benefits. Forex trading involves the exchange of the currency of one country with that of the other. Forex trading is an international business and it does not fall under any physical boundary. Moreover, the trade in Forex trading continues for 24 hours of the day. More and more number of people are wanting to invest in the Forex market, because it gives them ample scope to earn money monthly.

You can also invest through savings and checking accounts and buy bank mutual funds. There are various kinds of mutual funds like gold funds, stock mutual funds, global mutual funds, money market funds, bond mutual funds, and real estate investment trusts.

Whichever kind of investment vehicle you choose, you should keep in mind that if you really want to get money from your investments, you will have to invest strategically. Only then will you be able to get good return on your investments and use the money to become debt free. Otherwise, your debt problems may increase all the more if you lose money on your investments.

Guest post by Angela Brown

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