It’s Too Late To Panic Now

The latest strategy comment from Jeff  Saut is below.

Gist: It’s too late to panic. That’s what you should hvae done months  ago.

I leave with these thoughts from legendary investor Jim Rogers:

When  asked how he made his money, Mr. Rogers answered, “I sell euphoria and buy  panic.” The way he determines that is to wait until prices are “gapping” in the  charts. Gapping on the upside is “euphoria,” while gapping on the downside is  “panic.” Currently, gold and Treasuries are gapping on the upside; and, stocks  are gapping on the downside. The implication, even though I believe gold is in a  secular bull market, suggests partial positions should be sold in precious  metals and the freed-up cash should be used to “buy” fundamentally sound stocks  with decent dividend yields.

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