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Create Monthly Income  with the Get Rich Monthly Investment Plan

Does the idea of using an income  investing strategy to generate 1%  to 4% a month on your funds appeal to you? That’s more than enough  return to beat the historical average of the overall stock market.

Do you like the idea of confining your investing to only high-quality, conservative stocks?  Why not leverage the research of the professional research organization with decades of experience!

How about using a simple strategy to limit your risk in each trade to only a few percent of the amount invested?  The key to long-term investing success is to not have big loses!

Do you like to invest in stocks with growing dividends and closed-end funds (CEFs) that pay monthly dividends with annual yields of 10% or more?  These dividends or distributions create a portion of your monthly income plan that can create a significant number of monthly dividend checks, month after month.

If you answer YES to any of these questions, the Get Rich Monthly Investment Plan is for you!

NOTICE: Just updated the 2019 List of 400 MONTHLY Dividend Stocks with new edition of the Passive Income Monthly Plan book included. Learn how to create 60 dividend paychecks each month! You can earn a 20%, 15% or even a 10% dividend yields to easily beat alternative income strategies. This is the best passive income opportunity for a lifetime of cash. Get it NOW.

We at Get Rich Investments eat our own cooking as we do the work for you by recommending covered call trades and monthly dividend stocks each week..  The trades and strategies shared with you are the same that we use for our monthly income.  This is exactly why we can offer this service at such a low fee compared to the $200 per month services typically found on the internet.

The Get Rich Monthly Investment Plan provides the investor with the following investment vehicles:

    1. A list of stocks for covered call and put selling trades consisting of high quality stocks that are recommended as strong buys.  If you like selling cash-secured puts to generate monthly income and as potential stock entry, this is your newsletter.  A list of covered call trades for monthly income based on selecting the right stocks for call write trades.  Now including the perpetual covered call with select stocks.  The perpetual covered call trade is an ongoing monthly income process using the same stocks each month.
    2. We have added the covered put trades as an additional way to sell premium and to enter stock positions. We frequently sell puts to enter a new stock position because (1) We get the stock at a lower price than it is trading at the market. (2) We get to produce income from the premium we receive when selling the puts. If the stock is above the put strike price at expiration, we keep the premium and have the opportunity to sell more outs or just purchase the stock cheaper because we have the put premium to cover partial costs.
    3. We have created a strategy called the Blanket Put that will protect your investment from market downturns.  The Blanket Put is your safety blanket to protect your portfolio from market downturns.  This is worth the membership fee by itself.
    4. You receive a listing of 400 high yield monthly dividend stocks (focus on yields greater than 10%) that distribute monthly cash payments which create a great way to diversify income streams. We update our monthly dividend stock list of recommendations and share their valuation based on our multiple strategies for income. Also, we share the stock valuations for high quality, dividend increasing stocks – world class stocks.
    5. Access to multiple education resources to better learn how to be a more successful investor.  Trades don’t end when you make a stock buy, sell a call, or complete the trade.  Here we want members to be educated about how to manage a trade and when to take action.

How is the Get Rich Monthly Income Plan  different from the numerous other option selling services and monthly income newsletters?

Our strategy is to combine option selling trades to produce a steady stream of income. I call this the rinse and repeat cycle because it is “heads you win and tails you win.” Here are the income opportunities:

I have created an investment that achieves higher monthly returns while managing stock risks in the trade. You may be skeptical of this concept and should be when you hear something like this introduced into your trading plan. To explain, let’s look at what must happen to a stock price for a successful PUT selling trade. To keep the premium from the PUT sell, the stock price must be above the PUT option strike price at expiration. To increase my percent of winning PUT trades, I invest in stocks with price momentum moving higher. This increases the probability of the stock price closing above the strike price – giving us more winning trades.

How do I identify these winning trades? I combine the fundamentals of a stock with its price performance on its stock chart. I find securities that have a positive change in price that creates upward price momentum. You may have heard about price breakouts and other upward biased chart patterns. This introduces a concept of technical analysis into our trading plan.

Sell puts each month on a select stock for monthly income. We continue this until the stock is put to me. You need to keep in mind that we have been collecting monthly premium from selling put options. Sometimes, we will do this for six months or more on the same stock before owning the stock. These option premiums create the first income stream usually in the 1-3% per month range and lower the purchase price (strike price – total premiums collected each month) of these stocks when put to you.

If the stock is put to us, we can now collect dividends from these blue chip stocks with a history of increasing dividends. Most of these stocks have dividend yields in the 2-4% range and have increased their cash payouts for years. This is the second income stream using this investing strategy.

Since we now own the shares of stock, we sell call options (covered call) for monthly income until the stock is called away. Again, the option premium from selling covered calls is averages 1-3% per month. We will sell calls each month until the stock is called away.

Then, back to selling puts for more monthly income if the stock is still a great selection. This can be a great strategy for monthly income as the blue-chip stocks we trade are generally very stable in price movement. It’s alright for a stock to move up or down within a nice trading range. This makes the amount of premium collected higher based on some volatility. But we do not want to risk our trading capital by taking big losses. The strategy has a built in correction mechanism as we continue to generate monthly income by selling calls to prevent and/or recover any loss of capital.

We focus on real stock research rather than a computer program that selects trades based solely on return.  We do the screening for you.  We all want the best return possible but our Monthly Income Plan only selects the best trades based on numerous variables such as stock quality, great research, dividend yield, stock volatility, low risk, and many other indicators that can’t be disclosed here for obvious reasons.

Get Rich Investments made the prestigious STAR Awards cut in the “Newsletter” category. The TraderPlanet STAR program is presented as individual reviews of products and services that provide exemplary performance and value for traders.

Get Rich Investments joins the ranks of industry notables such as TradeStation, eSignal, Forex Capital Markets and Market Technologies to compete for the coveted STAR award. “We are exceptionally thrilled to be considered for an award that has previously been given to such well-respected organizations,” said Greg Group at Get Rich Investments.

We have more than 20 years experience in the markets including trading covered calls and monthly income investments.  In addition, we have Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from a top business school and other experience in corporate finance and strategy.  We have authored several books including the original Get Rich – Stay Rich: Investing for Monthly Income that is currently on sale at Amazon and other bookstores around the world.  It is important to you that your monthly income is in qualified, experienced investor hands who can be trusted to deliver the best trades.


Some income services charge $2,000 – $5,000 per year to subscribe.  These guys are getting rich from subscribers – not providing a cost effective service.  There are no gimmicks, no bait and switch or added fees.  We give you all of this for only $29.99 per month.  You will be charged monthly with no required annual subscription.  If you don’t like the service, you can cancel at anytime.  We are convinced that you will like the quality of service and continue to make monthly income.

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Bonus 1: Get the complete ebook of Get Rich – Stay Rich: Investing For Monthly Income (retails for $24.95 on  The book that started it all discusses several trading methods to produce monthly income such as monthly income stocks, covered calls, credit spreads, iron condors and many trading secrets to increase profits and lower trading risk.

Bonus #2: How To Trade Covered Calls and Safeguard Your Money. A special report on trading covered calls and managing risk to safeguard your money from losses.  The secret to trading is not to lose your capital while generating monthly income.

Bonus #3; Free covered call calculator available for download.  This is an easy plug and play spreadsheet that can easily compare up to 10 covered call trades at once such as OTM, DITM and ATM, etc.  The calculator will produce breakeven amount, assigned rate of return, return on investments and much more.

Bonus #4: Complete 2019 List of over 400 monthly dividend stocks.  The is a comprehensive list with current market data and investment strategies such as equity, bonds, preferred stocks, convertible shares, global, covered call and more.