Option Income Trade for 43.6%

As income investors, we seek to create consistent monthly income by selling options to collect monthly premiums. This has been successful for our investors for years. Option selling offers another method to diversify investing strategies beyond traditional dividend investing. We have combined technical stock events with our strategy to identify high returns option selling opportunities. This income trade will generate a return of 43% annualized. We are coming off a great trade in STM for a 40% gain.

Stock: RPC, Inc. (RES) provides a range of oilfield services and equipment for oil and gas companies involved in the exploration, production, and development of oil and gas properties in the United States, Africa, Canada, Argentina, China, Mexico, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. The company operates in two segments, Technical Services and Support Services.

Trend: We have identified a bullish “Upside Breakout” chart pattern. This bullish signal indicates that the stock price may rise from the close to the range of $25. The faster moving average recently crossed above the slower moving average, signaling a new uptrend has been established. The PMO supports the uptrend price movement.

The MACD is above its signal line and positive. The configuration is positive. Moreover, the stock is trading above both its 20 and 50 day MA (respectively at 19.54 and 20.12). RPC Inc is currently trading near its 52 week high reached at 23.36 on 25/01/17.

Strategy: We have an opportunity to sell options for income with RES as the stock should trade higher in the coming weeks. I recommend to place your trade and exit when you have locked in profits due to the stock price moving higher. Our goal here is to make income short term so we can exit and compound capital into another trade.

For medium risk option trade, look to sell an October 2017 22 PUT for about $0.90. This creates a return of 4.3% with 36 days to expiration. This is an annualized 43.6% return.

For a conservative trade, you can setup a covered call trade. You can purchase 100 shares of RES and sell an October 22 CALL option for about $1.10.

We continue to identify winning option trades to generate income and to exit early as the stock bullish patterns moves prices higher.

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