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How to Invest in Chinese Real Estate

China’s home prices edged up for a sixth straight month in November, a private survey showed, reinforcing signs of a gentle recovery in the property market as the government seeks to bolster economic growth.  The average home price in China’s 100 biggest cities rose 0.3 percent in November from October to 8,791 yuan ($1,400) per square metre, accelerating from October’s 0.2 increase, the China Real Estate Index System (CREIS).

The China market has rallied since summer as the iShares FTSE China 25 Index fund (FXI) is up 20% over the past 6 months.  A more direct play on Chinese real estate is in shares of SouFun Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: SFUN) which is the leading real estate and home furnishing Internet portal in China.  Soufun is up around 90% in the past 5 months as the Chinese real estate market has improved.

SouFun has built a large and active community of users who are attracted by the comprehensive real estate and home furnishing and improvement content available on its portal that forms the foundation of its service offerings. SouFun currently maintains 106 offices to focus on local market needs and its website and database contains real estate-related content coverage of 314 cities in China.

SouFun Holdings had Q3 EPS of $49.2 million, or $0.61 per diluted share, compared to consensus estimate of $0.55 per share earnings.  Revenues were $127.2 million, which is also above the $122.34 million analysts’ estimate.  In the same period last year, net income attributable to SouFun Holdings Limited was $42.9 million, or $0.52 per diluted share, on revenues of $108.6 million.

The company has also raised its revenue guidance for fiscal year of 2012 from between $390 million and $410 million to between $400 million and $420 million, representing a year-on-year increase of 16.6% to 22.2%.

SouFun has an annual dividend rate of 8.67%.  Soufun has paid dividends on an annual basis but there is a chance of the increase in frequency of distributions as the real estate market continues to recover.

SouFun Holdings has am equity summary score of 7.5 out of 10 for a Bullish Outlook.  First Call analysts have a BUY recommendation with 2.0 rating.  Based on 2013 EPS of $2.21, the 12-month price target is $29.

Soufun Holdings Announces a 7.5% Cash Dividend

SouFun Holdings Limited (NYSE: SFUN), the leading real estate and home furnishing Internet portal in China, today announced that its board declared a cash dividend of US $1.00 per share on the Company’s ordinary shares, which will be paid by September 28, 2012 to shareholders of record as of the close of business on September 6, 2012. Based on the current stock price, the special dividend will be a 7.5% dividend yield.

SouFun reported Q2 EPS of $0.48, topping the analyst estimate of $0.41.  Revenue for the quarter came in at $97 million, topping the $91.62 million analysts had forecast.  Net income attributable to shareholders recorded a year-over-year increase of 63.5% to US$46.9 million, or US$0.58 per fully diluted share.  SouFun raised its revenue guidance for fiscal year of 2012 from between US$380.0 million and US$400.0 million to betweenUS$390.0 million and US$410.0 million, representing a year-on-year increase of 13.4% to 19.2%.

Quality Stocks with High Yield Dividends

With so investors seeking high yield, it’s important for income investors to find dependable high yield dividend payers that they can count on.  With projections for a slower growth economy amid historically low  interest rates, it’s now more important than ever to find these solid dividend paying companies as there are fewer places to turn to for high yielding investments without taking on unwelcomed risk.  By screening for stocks with market beating yields, double digit growth rates, above median increasing cash flows and a strong balance sheet, this screen seeks to do just that by finding those companies that could turn into long-term core holdings for an income producing portfolio.  And with a Zacks Recommendation of a Buy or at least a Hold, these stocks have the potential to become total return winners as well.

Dividend paying stocks can help you build out a well diversified portfolio.  And if projections for a slower growth economy come true, the investment vehicles with ‘something extra’, i.e., solid and dependable dividends, will become even more highly sought after as investors seek out the best total returns while keeping a watchful eye on risk.

This list is filled with high yield stocks, many above 10%, that are ranked buy or hold by Zachs Investment Research.  Some of the popular names include: FUN that is being recommenmded by Jim Cramer; FSC & MAIN that are monthly dividend payers, CXS & PMT that offer mortgage REIT yields; and several energy stocks for continuing dividends.  The table belows displays the list of high yield dividend stocks.

high yield dividend stock with high quality ratings

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