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Want To Create A Second Income?

Get Rich Investments, an online leader in helping individuals to create income producing investments, has a newsletter to guide investors seeking a second income.  This is one of the most valuable tools for investors to learn how to create monthly income from stocks and option strategies.

Does the idea of using an income investing strategy to create a second income every month on your funds appeal to you?  Get Rich Investments has created the Get Rich Monthly Income Plan to teach individuals how to create multiple streams of investing income.  This is a low-cost newsletter providing the following services:

    1. A list of “monthly dividend stocks” that pay dividends month after month. These investments can pay more than 10% annually (focus on several 15% yields) and can sometimes be purchased at a discount to net asset value.
    2. A list of covered call trades consisting of high quality stocks such as the S&P 5-star research rating of the best stocks that are recommended as strong buys. These lists are updated each week with select trades added daily.
    3. Low risk investments to minimize market risk and to prevent your portfolio from taking a big lost in such uncertain market environments like we are experiencing today.
    4. We have created a strategy called the Blanket Put that will protect your investment from market downturns. The Blanket Put is your safety blanket to protect your portfolio from market downturns. This is worth the membership fee by itself.
    5. Access to multiple education resources to better learn how to be a more successful investor. Trades don’t end when you make a stock buy, sell a call, or complete the trade. Here we want members to be educated about how to manage a trade and when to take action.

The Get Rich Monthly Income Plan diversifies risk by seeking multiple streams of income. You can create monthly income by: covered call trades, monthly dividend stocks and dividends from owning high quality, conservative stocks. That is multiple streams of income from this simple list as we focus on “cash flow” to the investor to improve your quality of life. This is a true passive side hustle for income.

We have more than 20 years experience in the markets including trading covered calls and monthly income investments.  In addition, we have Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from a top business school and other experience in corporate finance and strategy.  We have authored several books including the original Get Rich – Stay Rich: Investing for Monthly Income that is currently on sale at Amazon and other bookstores around the world. It is important to you that your monthly income is in qualified, experienced investor hands who can be trusted to deliver the best trades.

Learn more about investing for income.

Covered Call Write on Caterpillar (CAT)

Caterpillar (CAT) reported blow-out earnings on October 24. CAT jumped 5.7 percent to $92.39 and led the Dow higher after the heavy equipment maker reported a quarterly profit that topped estimates on record revenues. Excluding the impacts of the recent acquisition of Bucyrus International, profit was $1.93 per share, up 58 percent from a year ago. Sales and revenues excluding Bucyrus were $14.581 billion, up 31 percent from the third quarter of 2010. Excluding the impacts of Bucyrus, it was an all-time record quarter for both sales and revenues and profit.

STRATEGY: Look at the December 2011 92.50 covered call. For each 100 shares of Caterpillar (CAT) stock you buy, sell one December 2011 92.50 covered call option for a $88.85 (92.35 – 3.50) debit or better. That’s potentially a 4.11% assigned return in 25 days or a whopping 60% annualized return.

TECHNICALS: The technicals for CAT are bullish with a possible trend reversal. The stock is under accumulation with support at 80.76. S&P rates this stock 4 STARS (out of five) – buy.

RISK: The stock has to drop 3.8% to threaten the breakeven point.

PROTECTIVE PUT: For those wishing to protect your downside, buy the May 2012 90 put for $10.35. Buy one put for each 100 shares of stock you own. Sell the put when you exit the covered call trade.

S&P RESEARCH NOTES: S&P reiterates buy opinion on shares of Caterpillar (CAT) . Q3 adjusted EPS of $1.93, vs. $1.22, beats our forecast by $0.19. Revenue gain of 41% was above our 36% forecast, on higher demand in almost all products and geographies. Record Q3 sales and profit results were particularly impressive to us in light of economic challenges in developed nations. CAT’s current trends also lead us to expect ongoing demand growth in ’12. We lift our ’11 EPS estimate $0.05 to $7.35, and ’12’s by $0.10 to $9.20. In light of growing economic uncertainties, however, we trim our target price by $13 to $129, on our revised historical P/E analysis.

Performance of Caterpillar (CAT) stock

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