Take Profits on These Trades for Triple-digit Gains

We released our Monthly Income Newsletter this past weekend with trades for the coming month.  Again, we have several early winners in our PUT trades for income in only 5 days or less. As the stock price moves higher, we close these positions to lock in profits.  This allows us to reallocate our capital to the next trade and to capture multiple income opportunities each month. We will release more PUT trades each week as our strategy is the best special dividend money maker on the market.
For subscribers:
We have a fast winner in $FINL as the stock had a big pop today – up over 12%. I suggest investors to buy-to-close this trade at ~$0.20 per option or less.  This gives us a nice 9% profit in 4 days or over 800% on an annualized return!
We have a another winner in $BEAT as the stock has moved higher to $31.75. I suggest investors to buy-to-close the 29 PUT trade at ~$0.20 per option or less.  This gives us a nice 3% profit in 5 days or over 200% on an annualized return!  There will be more trades moving into next week after the holiday.
The market was in a blast mode last month as it ran to record highs again. We had all winners this month with max income trades. And how about the monthly returns on the PUT trades – 4.8% on ARRY; 8.8% on TLRD; 9.6% on NL; and 8.7% on MDXG!!! This is a yearly return on some buy and hold stock investments in a monthly trade for us. We will look for more stock breakouts for PUT trades in our next newsletter.